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Thezoomies™ Shot-Station

Thezoomies™ Shot-Station

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How do you clean the product?

To clean the product, fill it with warm water and dish soap and rinse thoroughly. To clean the pump driver, use warm water and run through it with 5-10 shot cycles using 30 ml setting.

Do you need to charge the product?

Yes, you will need to charge it with the USB-C that is being provided. The battery lasts for months. One charge can give you over 500+ pours!

How do I turn on and off the product?

To turn on, press and hold for 3 seconds and the 10ML will light up.

To turn off, press the power button for 3 seconds.

How much liquid does the product hold?

Holds up to 600ML of liquid per station.


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We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to have 30 days to return your product.

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Customer Reviews

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Alexander Morgan

It’s a hit at every party we host.

Sophia Bennett

High-quality product and easy to use

Ethan Carter

easy to install/very convenient.

William Evans

perfect for our home

Emma Foster

Love the design and functionality.